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Lacing Technique

Lock Lace & Knot is the best method to help reduce heel slippage by creating a secure tight hold on the foot.

Step 1 Step 2
Lace through toe cap eyelet, to avoid metal cages catching on the first line of shoe lace. Criss-cross lacing offers the most comfort. The crossover of the lace sits on the tongue of the shoe thus aren't pressed against the foot.

Step 3 Step 4
The shoe is laced until the lace ends emerge through the second set of eyelets from the top. The lace ends run straight up and are fed into the top eyelets.

Step 5 Step 6
Lace ends should be crossed over, then each tip is fed under the vertical section of the opposite side. Secure lock knot, to prevent laces coming undone. Tie a simple knot at the start.

Step 7 Step 8
Move the knot position to the outside of the shoes, this will help to keep the lace away from the chain.

Then cross the two loops over one another. Lets call the loop,'Bunny ears'. (Brown bunny ear & Green bunny ear)
Starting at the front, begin to loop the brown coloured 'bunny ear' through the centre hole.

Step 9 Step 10
At the same time, in the opposite direction, loop the green coloured 'bunny ear' through the centre hole. Once both ear tips are through the centre hole, pull each tip to tighten the knot.
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