Quoc Pham Shoes

The countdown has started!

Just 5 days left until Night preorders open! Make sure you place your order early. We are only accepting the first 500 orders placed! 
In case you haven't checked them out yet, the Night will come in 2 variations, leather and synthetic. The leather version is available in black (far left). The synthetic version is available in pink, white and black. 

The Night is our first lightweight road cycling shoe, featuring a carbon-fibre reinforced outsole, full road cleat compatibility and our advanced patented lacing technique. The leather version weighs in at 323 g, and the synthetic 283 g. 
For those of you that think laces may get in the way, not to worry! Our shoes feature a shoelace catch that allows you to tuck them in, out of the way. 
Innovative style, built for those that wish to push the limits of riding.

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