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Easy, Quick Stretches

Stretching is essential for cyclists. It not only helps maintain flexibility but also reduces the chances of injury. Here's a list of simple stretches to keep you limber and strong!
(I have enlisted the help of our head designer, Wayne, to demonstrate)
Step forward with one leg, bending the knee, with your other foot planted behind, leg straight (try to keep your heel on the ground). Lean forward onto your front leg, with your upper body erect, until you feel the back leg calf stretching. Hold for 30 seconds then switch.

Calf Stretch

While standing, reach backwards and grab one foot, pulling it up towards your butt. Hold for 30 seconds then switch. 

Quadricep Stretch

Place one knee on the ground, with the other bent at a ninety degree angle towards the ground. Place hands on this knee and stretch forwards. You should feel a stretch in the back leg. 

Hamstring stretch

Gluteus (Butt)
Leaning against a wall, place one ankle over the other knee and bend down, using your hand to push the top leg downwards at the knee. Hold for 20 seconds then switch. 

Butt stretch

Neck and Shoulders
Gently roll your head clockwise for 10 seconds, then counter-clockwise. Place one hand behind your back, pressing your upper arm against your ear. Use the other hand to pull the first arm at the elbow. Hold for 20 seconds then switch. 

Shoulder stretch

This is called the downwards facing dog, a common position in yoga. Lay flat, with your stomach touching the ground. Place your hands on the ground and push upwards, stretching in a U-shape with your back as far as you can go. Hold for 30 seconds. 

Core Stretch

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