Quoc Pham Shoes


Tourer by QUOC

The Tourer, our second model, was specially designed for the outdoor cyclist, for a rider that needs shoes they can wear on the bike, hiking through the hills and strolling down the street. 

The most significant difference between the Fixed and the Tourer is the ridged outsole that allows for a strong grip when walking or hiking. The sole is made from thick rubber, with a slightly recessed cleat. The Tourer is MTB and SPD compatible. 

The curvature of the sole is similar to our Fixed model, to contour to the natural curves of the foot for sumptuous comfort on and off the bike. The uppers are made from genuine bovine leather for a smart, polished look wherever you cycle. The Tourer is finished off with our signature reflective 3M heel strip for added safety. 

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