Quoc Pham Shoes

New Product - Multi-coloured Laces

We are getting ready to release our first accessory line - Cycling Laces. These laces were designed to withstand the rigours of intense cycling with a strength of over 25KG. The laces are thin, flat, 6mm wide with a length of 135cm. The length is meant to compliment our new road shoe, the Night, although they can also be used with any of our other shoes.

All laces are made from an eco-friendly polyester blend with plastic aglets. They have grade 5 colour fastness against washing, perspiration, cleaning, light, and rubbing. That means they will maintain their vibrant colour no matter what you throw at them. 

The laces are currently available in three colours:

1. Black with Pink Accent


2. Pink with White Accent


3. White with Pink Accent


Style: Thin, Flat 
Width: 6mm 
Length: 135cm 
Strength: 25KG

100% Eco-friendly Polyester 
Aglets: Plastic

Colour Fastness (Grade 5): Washing, Perspiration, Dry Cleaning, Light, Rubbing

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