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Another senseless attack

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the attack on Nice, France that has left at least 77 dead and at least a hundred more injured.

77 killed and dozens injured in Nice attack

-Picture from CBS News

A truck drove into the crowd gathered along the French Riviera celebrating Bastille Day just hours ago. According to the Guardian, the driver "zigzagged" through the crowd for 2 kilometres, trying to hit as many people as possible. He was also firing from the vehicle as he drove. 

The driver responsible is believed to be a 31 year old Nice local of Tunisian decent (Mirror). Police shot and killed the man and are now trying to determine if he had any accomplices. 

Helping Woman into Ambulance after Nice attack

Nearby Hotel Negresco has been turned into a makeshift hospital. 

Negresco Hotel turned into makeshift hospital

-Pictures from the Guardian


Now added to the attacks in Ankara, Paris, Brussels, Istanbul and the dozens of other attacks around the world, we have a global war on our hands. Prayers for all the people affected around the world and hope for a better, safer future.

For more images of the attack see the Guardian

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