Meet the Founder


Quoc Pham has always had a passion for both fashion design and sport. His passion for design led him to pursue a BA in Fashion at London's Central St. Martins, where he graduated with honors. Quoc has also been an avid cyclist for many years. 

As a cyclist, Quoc understood the importance of wearing a comfortable and functional shoe. However, the practical design of most performance cycling shoes would not fit in other urban settings. Quoc needed a cycling shoe that could make the transition from cycling to office, that was both elegent and functional. It became his dream to create a shoe that combined all the functions necessary of a modern cycling shoe with the style of a casual dress shoe. 

His goal was simple: design a cycling shoe that is one less distraction to your daily ride. A shoe with comfort, support, elegance and style. And in 2009, he designed his first smart stylish cycling shoe - the eponymous brand was born.